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Careers In Nursing Education USA: Everything You Need To Know

One profession that is not discussed as much as it should be is the noble profession of nursing. When you have a look around, you will notice that physicians get more praise than the nurses who play a vital role in the healthcare industry all over the world. Many social media campaigns conducted over time have successfully created awareness of the importance of nursing. Today, more people are getting enrolled in nursing institutes than ever before. If you belong to a community of students who want to play a significant role in the betterment of society by joining the nursing profession, here is a brief introduction to various fields of nursing that you can join.

  • Nurse Midwives
  • Travel Nurses
  • Case Management Nurses
  • Nurse Anesthetists
  • Forensic Nurses
  • Informatics Nurse Specialists
  • Legal Nurses
  • School Nurses

The above-mentioned list is not the complete list of nursing-related professions and there are a lot of other fields, too.

Role of a Nurse

When it is time for writing nursing assignments, most of the students who are new to this field have to look for SixDollarEssay – Assignment Writer so that they could get good credits by submitting a professionally written assignment. They have to do it because they still have a lot of knowledge to gain before they could write a perfect assignment. No matter if you are hiring a professional writer for your nursing assignment or you want to do it yourself, you should be clear about the role of a nurse in the health industry to write about it perfectly.

Any patient can fall seriously ill if not taken care of by the healthcare providers we all know as nurses. While doctors diagnose the disease and suggest treatment for it the nurse is the person who makes sure that the doctor’s prescription is strictly followed.

The doctors perform surgeries and recommend rest or exercise, do’s and don’ts s, then the job of a nurse starts as it is she who helps the patients follow the doctor’s directions. The nurse is the person who has to bear the tantrums of moody patients. The profession of a nurse demands a lot of hard work, patience, and perseverance to deal with all types of patients.

The nurses provide emotional support to terminally ill patients without showing them their own emotions. According to some experts, half the ailment is cured with the care that a nurse provides.

Top Careers Related to Nursing

Many nursing students have to quit the course in the very beginning, as they are not clear about what nursing is all about and what will be the most suitable field of nursing. According to some studies, healthcare services are the most paying services that are provided by doctors and nurses. Over the past few years, the profession of nursing has become a hot topic of discussion and the pay scale of nurses has been revised to acknowledge the contribution of nurses in the healthcare industry. To help nursing students decide on the field of specialization in nursing, here is a list:

Licensed Practical Nurses

In the profession of nursing, entry-level nurses are known as licensed practical nurses. The title that they use depends more on their geographic presence. LVNs and LPNs mostly provide basic health care. They handle the feeding and bathing of patients. The practical nurses check the vitals of patients, and in case of an injury, they change the dressing of the wound according to the instructions given by the doctors.

Neonatal Nurses

Many babies are born before time and due to this premature birth, they have some health complications that need to be taken care of. Neonatal nurses are specifically trained to take care of premature babies. Neonatal nurses play a vital role in teaching the parents of premature patients how to stay calm when a baby is crying or agitated. The neonatal nurses explain to the parents how to take care of premature babies, how to ease their discomfort, and put them to sleep. Neonatal nurses perform their duties like feeding premature babies when they are in intensive care. The early days of a premature baby’s life are very critical and once they get good care, they start improving until and unless they have some serious health issues.

A Midwife Nurse

Unlike other types of nursing fields, the profession of a midwife is to handle women who are pregnant and others too who have serious gynecological health problems. Thousands of women across the globe want childbirth to be a personal experience with the least intervention from the outer world. These women prefer hiring a midwife for their childbirth instead of going to a hospital. The women trained as a midwife are valued by the women who like to give birth to their babies at home. The midwives undergo tough training before they could become certified midwife professionals.

Nurse Practitioners

When it comes to the most-paid nurses, nurse practitioners are among the top five types of nursing professionals getting handsome salaries. Nurse practitioners are more authoritative than many other types of nurses. They assist doctors during surgeries and emergency situations. The practitioner nurse is the person who has earned a Masters’ Of Science in Nursing degree. The wise practitioner nurses also earn specialized certifications like family medicine, pediatrics and many other disciples.

Travel Nurse

One type of nurse that most common people do not know about is travel nurses. Travel nurses are attached to the staffing agencies that provide health care staff to hospitals and makeshift health care centers in case of natural disasters. The travel nurses got recognition when the healthcare industry had to face a severe shortage of nurses. Many hospitals had unfilled vacancies and they needed nursing staff desperately.

From a short course to a diploma, and from a simple class to a doctorate-level degree nursing has become one of the most in-demand professions. The field of nursing offers many rewarding careers as compared to other fields. If you plan to be a nurse you should carefully select the fields that are in demand and matches your academic capabilities.

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