How to Structure an Essay?

Structure an essay

How to Structure an Essay?

Writing an essay is a skill that every student should have. Essays are very important in every aspect of your academic life. It improves your writing skills. It is important because it helps you learn and helps you analyze your own ideas and your own judgment. Writing a perfect essay is only achieved by practice and correcting your own mistakes. An essay is required when you are applying for a college or university or even for a job.


How to structure an essay is an important point. Before starting an essay on any topic. Brainstorm ideas. Make a rough draft of what you can include and what needs to be discussed. Search if there are any quotations or interesting facts about the topic you have. There are many cheap essay writing service which might help you write a great essay including all the points. Putting an essay all together becomes simple when you know what to write where, how to write it, and when you have all your thoughts written on a rough draft.


The most necessary thing to keep in mind is then an essay consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. This is how an essay is organized. Everything in an essay is important. The introduction should be crisp and so well written that a person cannot stop reading.  An introduction makes sure that the essay is very well written and also gives a good impression. The introduction should include what your topic is about, should be brief yet interesting so that the reader gets curious. Give an overview of the point which you will be discussing in the next paragraph so that the reader knows what your essay is all about.


The second part of an essay is the body. It is much longer than the introduction and also conclusion. It tells all the details about the points which were mentioned above in the introduction. A long paragraph does not mean that you make your reader feel bored. Do not repeat ideas or sentences and use do not change topics while writing the essay as the reader will get confused. Use interesting examples and use interesting quotations that match the theme of your essay. If you are talking about the benefits of an Apply add “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Instead of “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man health, wealthy, and wise.” Make sure to cite the authors and add references if you are adding any quote or any research.


The last part of an essay is the conclusion. It is not too long like the middle paragraph of the essay. Just sum all the ideas, opinions, and facts and write a small paragraph. The conclusion basically summarizes your whole essay and tell the final verdict of the essay. One should not introduce any topic or any idea which was not included in the essay. It gives the reader the idea of what your final judgment or final call is.


There should be coherence and unity in your essay which means one idea should be related to the other idea. A well written essay is always considered the best. If your essay lacks unity or any other important element it will not be good no matter how excellent the content it. Always rewrite your essay. Go through your first draft and see what changes can you make or how can you improvise it. Rewrite your final piece. You will always learn from your mistakes so remember practicing can make you excel in the art of writing an essay.

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