Six Dollar Essay wants to provide a safe platform for all the students struggling in their studies and therefore, all the policies are constructed and planned accordingly. Following are the cases and guidelines discussed to avail refund. Even though we make sure to deliver the best quality product, mistakes are natural to occur and for that our refund policy is there for help.

In case of late deliveries

Late deliveries hardly ever occur and we always try to submit the papers on time without any delay, but in rare cases there can be issue and then you can ask for a refund if the following conditions are being satisfied in your case.

We will refund you in full if your selected deadline has passed and now the paper we are delivering is of no use for you.

If you are able to use the essay paper we provide you and faced small marks deduction, then we will refund you a certain amount only but for that you will be required to show us the proof of marks deduction.

Quality of the paper is not up to the mark

Our professional writers try their level best to maintain a top notch quality but when it is not the case, you can always ask for a revision. However, if your deadline does not give you enough space to avail revisions we will make a full refund if the following conditions are satisfied.

Plagiarized paper. We write all the essays and papers from scratch and then check it further through TurnItIn to ensure originality. But if in case you are able to prove that the paper is completely plagiarized and the proof is authentic, we will refund your amount.

The specifications provided by the clients are not properly followed. Please ask us for revision in such cases, we will edit the paper accordingly. After revisions, the paper will not be considered for refund.

If you are not satisfied even after revisions then our QA department will analyze the paper and decide the percent of amount that we can refund.

When we provide drafts since the beginning, it is your responsibility to check and notify if the specifications aren’t followed or the quality is low. In the end, you cannot use an already reviewed draft for refund

The paper is not delivered at all

If it is the date of your deadline and the paper is not delivered, consult to our customer support team. If in case the team is not responding for two full business days then you can ask for full refund.

Double charge due to technical issues

If in case you are charged twice for the services, notify our customer representatives immediately so that we can make a full refund of the additional amount. Make sure to show the receipt of the extra charged amount at the time of contact.

You want to cancel your order

If you want to cancel your order, do it within the next 24 hours of order confirmation before it is assigned to a writer because after that we will deduct a certain amount from the full payment and then make a refund to ensure the writer is compensated for the effort put in the research.

We do not promise grades

Remember that we only promise quality work, it does not mean that we are guarantying a certain grade. Your grade depends on your overall performance in the course and therefore, a single essay cannot determine it.

You have failed the exam

It is impossible that you fail the assignment provided by us because we keep the quality and research authentic. But if that happens, you must show the proof of failing due to quality in order to get a full refund, otherwise we will not make the refund.