Presidents Day 2021

Essay on President Day 2021

President day is a well-known holiday by the federal government. This day is celebrated on the very third ‘Monday’ of February. On this special day, the special accomplishments, achievements, and services of all the presidents are encouraged and admired along with George Washingtons, The very first President of The United States. On this holiday, all the former President and George Washington are honored along with Abraham Lincoln who also had his birthday in the same month. This year in 2021, this day is being celebrated on Monday 15 Feb. The origin of this day was in the recognition of ‘President George Washington’. This federal holiday has become popular as ‘President’s Day’.

In the very beginning, the story of President Day began in 1800. After the death of President Mr.George Washington in the year 1799, that day of February 22nd, his birthday became a memorable day.


History of President Day

Mr. George Washington the very first President of The United and also known as Father of the United State, was born on February 22nd, 1732 in Virginia. It was his first military experience when there was a war between French and Indian, there was a conflict among the colonies of British America and New France that was accelerated and reached the level of intercontinental conflict called as French and Indian War. That was the was that provided the future president a valuable exposure towards the British Army tactics that resulted invaluable for the American Revolution.


That was the time when thirteen colonies along the east coast and much of their surrounding territories were dominated under the Kingdom of King George III of England. Colonies had their demand for their freedom and set of rules according to democracy, to live their life with their own rules. They were against the things to be dominated under a faraway king. Washington led and encouraged his inexperienced armies against the British force for eight years. The war ended up when the colonies got their independence. Then there the moments of happiness and freedom. The new democratic laws of the new country were written into the Constitution and Bill of Rights. George Washington agreed to serve his country as the First President of the United States.


The picture of Mr. George Washington is printed on the One Dollar Bill and the quarter-dollar-coin. The country capital, some universities, and places are also named after him. That represents the real love of the nation for their great leader.


Uniform Monday Holiday Act

When Congress proposed an actual measure and called it as Uniform Monday Holiday Act, that was the day when Mr.George Washington’s birthday was shifted to President’s Day’s in the late 1960s. It was a novel way to establish a three-day weekend for national workers. This holiday is basically to celebrate all U.S. presidents, past and present. The actual belief behind this proposed change was that doing this and bringing a holiday on a weekday can reduce the stress. Many people were opposed to this bill declaring that ‘Shifting holidays from their actual would lower their meaning’. But the bill was widely supported by the Private Sectors and Labor Unions.


The important part of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act was passed in 1968. Then it came into effects in 1971 by an executive order from President Richard M. Nixon That was time, when

George Washington’s Birthday was in the real shift from a particular date of 22nd February to the Third Monday of February


What Is Closed On Presidents’ Day?

As it is a very popular federal holiday and is celebrated on the third Monday in February, many of the private and government sectors offices and work stuff remains off as per federal holiday for nation’s workers. The New York Stock Exchange, Government buildings, and NASDAQ also remain closed as per holiday. The non-essential federal officers take their day off on this day. The post office remains closed too. Only a few of the retail, grocery shops, and utility store may remain open but only for the limited hours


Presidents’ Day Celebrations and Its Traditions

As Independence day is viewed, similarly the President’s day is looked at in that way of patriotism and remembrance. On this day, there are many stage celebrations and other events performed. The majority of the state schools and colleges spend their day by encouraging and teaching accomplishments on President’s Day to their students. On this day, portraits of George Washington would grace the front pages of newspapers every February 22nd.


George Washington is always remembered as the great and strong of all the Americans, which had a strong belief in democracy and a futurist growing vision that democracy was the only way to govern the developing countries. Most of the American communities celebrate President day by Stage performance and organizing event that highlights the important milestones achieved by George Washington in his life and service for the people of America.


How to Celebrate Presidents’ Day

The Americans spend their President Day engaging themselves in the majority of the day-to-day activities. These activities consist of stage events, speeches, sharing accomplishments of our former Presidents, honoring of former Presidents, and so on.

If one is looking how to celebrate President Day, You can visit Mt. Vernon, VA, where Washington’s ancestral home and tomb lies. On Presidents’ Day, entry to the place is often free of charge. Else if you adore Abraham Lincoln, you should consider visiting his memorial in Washington, DC.


One who’s fond of reading and looking at how to celebrate President’s day, he must give a try to read George Washington’s Farewell Address and reflecting on his contributions to the country. Another great read you can reflect on is Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation If one wants to stay indoor and gain some knowledge regarding this federal holiday, then that’s always suggested to watch the 1988 Tommy Lee Jones film, which relates to Washington’s war troops.


Presidents’ Day Activities for Kids

For the kids, a holiday is always a day to celebrate. They always desire to spend their holiday enjoying different choices of fun activities. On this day, children use masks of the past presidents to commemorate the day. They also admire wearing Presidents’ Day T-shirts. If a kid loves to read, they can be satisfied by reading Margaret McNamara which tells of myths, truths, and a funny story about Washington’s 7th birthday.

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