How Many References Are Enough In A 3000+ Word Essay?

Whenever you are given an assignment at university, you are advised to give references for your research. Referencing is important whenever you are doing research work. By giving references, the quality of your content becomes rich and it impresses the readers that you have gathered authentic information and that your research is based on reliable sources. 

While referencing everything should be mentioned including the title, author, publishing day, and title from where the information has been derived.

Importance of Referencing

The support of referencing in your essay engages the reader and lets the reader know how thoughtful you were while doing your research. It improves your credibility and shows your dedication. Through the quality references, the reader gets to know that you researched your topic from the main sources.

References in an essay give proof of all the claims that you might have taken in your research. There should be some sort of source that is going to support your theories. The references signify how you understood the concepts and how you came up with new ideas. References show that you are academically excellent and you can understand the concepts. It helps in coming up with strategies and new concepts at work as you have been trained to come up with the best solutions through authentic research.

The Number of References in a 3000+ Words Essay

In the 3000-word essay, you are writing, 75% of your essay is going to include the major points that you want to point out according to your reasoning. For example, you are going to be utilizing 1500 words in a 3000-word essay. To demonstrate your key points one to three paragraphs must be used having around 200-400 words. This way you will be able to demonstrate around 5 essential key points. For each key point, you can use 2 to 3 references. Try to use the main sources.

The main point to remember is that you do not have to give too many references you only have to provide the references that are real, relevant, and from the main source.

Tips To Remember

The readers who are going to mark your essay writing would want you to write your original ideas and your unique point of view too. Your ideas and arguments should be supported by one to three references. Through this, the reader is going to know that you have the proper knowledge and that your claims are authentic. The references used should be related to the topic of your essay and they should not be irreverent. Any unnecessary reference is going to indicate to the reader that your research is baseless and has no authenticity. The number of references also depends upon the topic you have chosen. 

The Bottom Line

You have to be sure that the materials you have used are of high quality. When you are quoting someone, make sure to give proper reasons. Referencing is not that easy as you have to be updated about the latest editions and you should know about the latest research. If you do not know about the latest research this is going to show the reader that you have not researched properly.

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