Podcast: How To Write Podcast Intro Like Six Dollar Essay?

There are around 30 million podcast occurrences out there so making sure your podcast hooks your listeners is more important than ever. Having engaging content throughout each show is essential. With that said, at Riverside, we’ll explain how to hook listeners with your podcast preamble and partake in some great exemplifications of podcast prolusions to inspire yours.

How Important Is A Good Podcast Intro?

Studies have shown that podcasts lose between 20 to 35 percent of listeners in the first five twinkles, which is much more advanced than the dropoff rate for the entire rest of the occasion. The significance of having a good podcast preamble is in the substantiation if you’re not hooking your listeners in the first five twinkles, they’re not going to continue harkening. A great podcast preamble should show new listeners who you are, what your podcast is about, and why they should hear it. But, at the same time, it needs to engage you’re being followership. You can get services from Six Dollar Essay podcast.

The stylish podcast exordiums are unique to each occasion and include a teaser of content from latterly in the show to hook listeners. They frequently include on-brand music or sound goods. numerous have a CTA too. For illustration, this could be encouraging listeners to follow you on their preferred podcast platform.

The below occasion by the monstrously popular How I erected This with Guy Raz, which is recorded using Riverside, is an excellent illustration of a great podcast preamble. The podcast has millions of yearly listeners and ticks all the boxes on what a great podcast preamble should include.

Show why people should hear after the backing communication and CTA, the occasion dives straight into a teaser of the guest’s interview, incontinently demonstrating the value of harkening to the show. It features a crucial story from the guest’s story making the followership want to hear further.

How Long Should A Podcast Preamble Be?

The short answer depends on the length of your podcast occasion. Shows with established listeners will always be suitable to get down with longer exordiums, as their pious suckers will continue harkening no matter what, but it’s important to get the length right if you’re starting a podcast.

How long your podcast preamble should depend on the length of your podcast occurrences. As in the Indie mouthfuls illustration we looked at earlier, a shorter show requires a shorter preamble. Whereas, in the below illustration from Meditative Story, the longer 30 nanosecond plus occasion allows for a longer preamble.

This doesn’t detriment Meditative Story’s success, with an estimated,000 listeners, Apple Podcasts ’ data shows it to have the loftiest engagement of any podcast in the world. Whenever you include a teaser from the show, the preface will be longer, so there’s a balance to strike between hooking your listener with your content and keeping the intro short and snappy.

What Music To Use For Your Podcast Intro

Not all podcast exordiums include music, but having a great track or sound goods that are harmonious with your podcast’s personality is a great way to hook listeners and set the tone for what’s to come. Road & Kingdom’s podcast The Trip does this well.

They conform the music and sound goods in their podcast exordiums to the content of each occasion, as you can hear in the illustration over. This helps listeners feel that they are in the destination talked about in that particular show. Being a trip podcast, this is a largely effective way to hook the target followership of trip suckers.

When using music or sound goods in your preamble, flashback they should round your podcast rather than overshadowing it.


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